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I’m Patrick – your guide to leaving the office behind and beginning your creator journey.

I’m a blog writer, YouTube creator and travel the world full-time. My 30-year career path tells you that I’m up for adventure: from Broadway to Wall Street, with a lot of corporate hard yards in between!

I started a blog in 2006 to share my travels with a tiny band of Irish music lovers who followed my choir. Now I write blogs and make YouTube videos to help creators who want to Work Less & Live More, just like me!

Mentorship helped me find what fires me and that is curiosity. Curiosity is a little bit dangerous – it seeks out new ideas and then unpicks them. Asking just the right question is the key to your future Knowing how to ask the right question can help you rethink your work life to focus on living more.

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12 Pros & Cons of Living in Lisbon as a Digital Nomad in 2024

Lisbon is consistently ranked in the top 3 digital nomad locations in the world, and with good reason. The charm of its architecture, reasonable cost of living, fast internet, and warm weather are all extremely appealing! But when you get down to it, is Lisbon as good for digital nomads as it might (at first) …


The 3 Types of Digital Nomad in 2024

If this is your first visit here, I’m Patrick and I’ve been a Digital Nomad for over 15 years.   What is a Digital Nomad? Let’s start with the basics: the term is made up of two parts:  There has been a boom in people who work remotely, many of them from home, particularly since the …

Patrick Hughes (on the right) shown with a group of friends with the Eiffel Tower in the background

14 Pros & Cons of Living in France as a Digital Nomad in 2024

France is high on almost every digital nomad’s wishlist as a place to work remotely. The food, the fashion, the fabulous Parisian lights! But when you put the fantasy to one side, is France as good for digital nomads as it might first appear? Paris is simply expensive and it’s hard to get around so …


14 Pros & Cons of Living in Ireland in 2024 by a Local (for Digital Nomads)

Ireland is the best place to live in Europe. I’m not making that up just because I’m Irish! That statement is based on recent research that ranked Ireland at the top of a quality of life index comparing European countries. Digital nomads (people who can work remotely from wherever they like) are drawn to ‘best …


Border Butter: A Poem by Patrick Hughes

I wrote this poem, Border Butter, about the murder of my Great Aunt, Margaret Moore. It’s a story I’ve never not known, something deep in our fabric and that of our community, how Margaret and her friend Mary, were killed.  Our Great Aunt Mary Moore was also badly injured in the attack by the Black …


Intergenerational Wealth: the incredible 600-year-old story of Florence, Italy

There’s a certain kind of American man, middle-aged with maybe a little work done, that I seem to meet as a seat-neighbour on planes. On a flight from Sydney to Hobart, one sat beside me. I could tell he was American from his chirpy demeanour even before he spoke. I was editing a video in …


Swedish Death Cleaning: 7 Reasons to clean like you’ll die tomorrow

Social media is stuffed with tips to declutter. My timeline pops with pared down living, tiny homes, digital minimalism, bullet journaling, more with less, two ingredient salads. I was surprised to hear my cousin Mary tell me she was starting a Swedish Death Cleanse and I’d never heard of it.  I wondered if she had …


Two Sleeps: the hidden history of Biphasic Sleep

In my five decades of life, the art of physical displacement is one I’ve learned to practice with little effort. Many of my phases of travel were stimulated by a displacement trigger: if only I could get some quiet time away from here to finish this essay, this work, this editing. A mid-life crisis Masters …


Renewing Your US Passport: A Step-by-Step Guide

This page provides friendly, informal advice on how to renew your US Passport, including links to the documentation and support you may need from the State Department. There are four main sections – jump to the one relevant to you. Section 1: Headline News & Answers about the state of the US Passport Renewal process …


Renewing your UK passport? Find out the passport renewal cost and processing time

Every digital nomad knows that renewing your passport can be a stressful task, but UK Passport Renewal doesn’t have to be a stress. Here’s everything you need to know about renewing your UK passport. This advice applies to applications made from within the UK. A separate process is in place for applications made outside the …


10 Ways to Avoid Digital Nomad Burnout

I am a full-time digital nomad and I have experienced burnout. In my past corporate life, I worked in financial services in the US, UK and Ireland before working from home as an academic during the pandemic. I felt the burnout heat in those jobs too. Digital Nomad Burnout: Feeling the burn Here is a …


Finding an Authentic Voice

I was in Canada last week. On one evening in Ottawa, the rain started to tumble in fat generous drops, what some Irish people might call ‘wet rain’, instantly soaking umbrellas and jeans and shoes. I walked along Bank Street, its rainbow flags and cannabis shops blending softly in the reflection of the wet pavement, …

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