Hi, I'm Patrick,
your guide to
Smart Quitting

I’m Patrick – your guide to leaving the office behind and beginning your creator journey.

I’m a blog writer, YouTube creator and travel the world full-time. My 30-year career path tells you that I’m up for adventure: from Broadway to Wall Street, with a lot of corporate hard yards in between!

I started a blog in 2006 to share my travels with a tiny band of Irish music lovers who followed my choir. Now I write blogs and make YouTube videos to help creators who want to Work Less & Live More, just like me!

Mentorship helped me find what fires me and that is curiosity. Curiosity is a little bit dangerous – it seeks out new ideas and then unpicks them. Asking just the right question is the key to your future Knowing how to ask the right question can help you rethink your work life to focus on living more.

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The Writing Groove

I’ve been thinking about writing a post for a few weeks. It’s not the one I intended to write. It has been 3.5 months since I started a PhD at Queen’s University, Belfast and everything is about writing. I’ve been on writing courses, I’ve submitted pieces to be assessed and learned how to handle positive …


The Everydayness of Living to Work…

Living to Work, Working to Live… I’m unsure who coined that pithy phrase but it captures, in its own imperfect way, the dilemma many of us feel about the position of work in our lives; lives for which we have high expectations which ‘work’, most often, defies with its very everydayness. The very suggestion of …