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Country and city guides for digital nomads and long-term travel.

12 Pros & Cons of Living in Lisbon as a Digital Nomad in 2024

Lisbon is consistently ranked in the top 3 digital nomad locations in the world, and with good reason. The charm of its architecture, reasonable cost of living, fast internet, and warm weather are all extremely appealing! But when you get down to it, is Lisbon as good for digital nomads as it might (at first) ...

Patrick Hughes (on the right) shown with a group of friends with the Eiffel Tower in the background

14 Pros & Cons of Living in France as a Digital Nomad in 2024

France is high on almost every digital nomad’s wishlist as a place to work remotely. The food, the fashion, the fabulous Parisian lights! But when you put the fantasy to one side, is France as good for digital nomads as it might first appear? Paris is simply expensive and it’s hard to get around so ...


14 Pros & Cons of Living in Ireland in 2024 by a Local (for Digital Nomads)

Ireland is the best place to live in Europe. I’m not making that up just because I’m Irish! That statement is based on recent research that ranked Ireland at the top of a quality of life index comparing European countries. Digital nomads (people who can work remotely from wherever they like) are drawn to ‘best ...