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Quare Stuff. The term ‘quare’ is used in Hiberno English in quite a few ways: as an intensifier, to declare something unusual, to call someone odd. Quare Stuff can mean both ‘great stuff’ or ‘unusual things’.  These articles focus on interesting facts, ideas, people and situations.

Border Butter: A Poem by Patrick Hughes

I wrote this poem, Border Butter, about the murder of my Great Aunt, Margaret Moore. It’s a story I’ve never not known, something deep in our fabric and that of our community, how Margaret and her friend Mary, were killed.  Our Great Aunt Mary Moore was also badly injured in the attack by the Black ...


Intergenerational Wealth: the incredible 600-year-old story of Florence, Italy

There’s a certain kind of American man, middle-aged with maybe a little work done, that I seem to meet as a seat-neighbour on planes. On a flight from Sydney to Hobart, one sat beside me. I could tell he was American from his chirpy demeanour even before he spoke. I was editing a video in ...


Swedish Death Cleaning: 7 Reasons to clean like you’ll die tomorrow

Social media is stuffed with tips to declutter. My timeline pops with pared down living, tiny homes, digital minimalism, bullet journaling, more with less, two ingredient salads. I was surprised to hear my cousin Mary tell me she was starting a Swedish Death Cleanse and I’d never heard of it.  I wondered if she had ...


Two Sleeps: the hidden history of Biphasic Sleep

In my five decades of life, the art of physical displacement is one I’ve learned to practice with little effort. Many of my phases of travel were stimulated by a displacement trigger: if only I could get some quiet time away from here to finish this essay, this work, this editing. A mid-life crisis Masters ...